Vinyl Quarter Round

Quarter Round and Shoe Base are used for the same purpose. Quarter Round  is a perfect solution to finish flooring around kitchen cabinets, patio doors and use this profile  to cover small alignment changes where flooring meets the bottom of the baseboards. Paired with baseboard quarter round moulding gives your room a finished look.
Quarter round moulds  can also be used as as decorative wall panel mouldings in a specific room throughout the house.
Vinyl Quarter Round stock is available @ our Greater Vancouver shop.

Vinyl Quarter Round

Nature Prints coordinating vinyl quarter round mouldings are good to be installed for vinyl, laminate and sometimes for wood flooring.

Length: 2400 mm

Wide: 28 mm

Height: 17 mm

100% waterproof.
No buckling or bowing from water spills or moisture issues.

The most important thing to know about quarter round molding is that you nail it into the wall never the floor.
Use pin nailer and 23-Gauge pin nails to make the nail spots invisible.
You can also install them with applying construction glue especially when the attached wall is stone or marble.

Check specific colour moulding/transition page to see if vinyl quarter round profile is available for this particular colour at our Vancouver/Richmond warehouse.

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