Vinyl Reducer, small drop

Reducer is used as a smooth transition between floors of different heights.
Vinyl floor small drop reducers’ stock is available @ our Greater Vancouver shop.

Small Drop Vinyl Reducer

Small drop of this profile perfectly fits if difference between 2 floors heights is around 4-8 mm.
Go with Big Drop Reducer if this height is more than 8 mm.
Nature Prints coordinating laminate shoe mouldings are good to be installed for laminate and vinyl flooring.

Length: 2400 mm

Wide: 43 mm

Height: 10 mm

100% waterproof.
No buckling or bowing from water spills or moisture issues

Install the flooring leaving a one inch gap between two floors for the reducer installation.
As a rule the transition should be directly under the door when the door is closed.
Allow the floating floor to move freely, never fasten the transition pieces to the flooring. You can either glue it to the floor with construction adhesive or use the optional track to attach it.
Tracks or U shape channels are designed to snap transitions inside of channel and prevents the adhesive under transitions to touch the floorings from both sides. Always make sure to keep a 1/4″ expansion zone around the transition piece, especially if you don’t use tracks. Because most tracks come in plastic we recommend applying the construction grade glue both under and into track channel to avoid getting the loose transitions.
Place a few heavy objects on the moulding overnight to ensure that it does not move while the glue dries.

Check specific colour moulding/transition page to see if vinyl floor small drop reducer’s profile is available for this particular colour at our Vancouver/Richmond warehouse.

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